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ladies nylon jacket

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A nylon hoodie that is sure to shine with bold V12 logos everywhere.
The V12 font that gives off a strong presence is also placed on the back, and the back view is also attractive.

You can fully enjoy the impressive V12 design.
By adjusting the squeezing with the rubber attached to the waist of the back, the bulge of the jacket is suppressed and the putter swing is not hindered.
The hood shape is a structure that can be firmly fixed with a draw cord so that it can withstand strong winds.
It supports a wide range of outdoor fields other than golf.

Material: 100% polyester taffeta polyester


[ モデル着用サイズ ]
BLACK×WHITE 164 cm 1 size BLACK×MULTI 164 cm 1 size


  • 40℃を限度とし、手洗いによる洗濯処理が可能
  • 漂白処理はできません
  • タンブル乾燥はできません
  • 日陰でのつり干し乾燥
  • アイロン仕上げ処理はできません
  • ドライクリーニング処理はできません
  • 非常に弱いウエットクリーニング処理が可能