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men's vest inflatable

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A vest equipped with an air pump system that attracts the design of the V12 logo that gives off an impact.
A design with outstanding presence, with the V12 logo arranged diagonally and regularly with an exquisite balance.
It has a V12-like design that leaves an unforgettable impact once you see it.

You can adjust the warmth by injecting air with the attached pump or your own breath without using down or batting .
The air acts as a heat insulating layer to block outside air, and it is an item that adheres to the body and has excellent heat storage and heat retention effects. When not worn, the air can be removed and stored compactly.

Material: 100% AIR down polyester


  • 衣服内を暖かく保つ保温素材を使用。



  • 40℃を限度とし、手洗いによる洗濯処理が可能
  • 漂白処理はできません
  • タンブル乾燥はできません
  • 日陰でのつり干し乾燥
  • アイロン仕上げ処理はできません
  • ドライクリーニング処理はできません
  • ウエットクリーニング処理はできません