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stand caddy bag

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V12's first stand caddy bag is now available.
A black beauty finished product with a black camouflage pattern layered on a glossy and glossy jet black base color.
One of the attractions is the overwhelming presence of the silver 3D logo and the star that has been three-dimensionally finished with a special technique.
Enjoy the black contrast that Blackout boasts. A head cover with the same design has also been released.

*Not a dress-up type

Weight: 3.5kg

Mouth frame: No. 9 size

46 inch compatible


  • 洗濯処理はできません
  • 漂白処理はできません
  • タンブル乾燥はできません
  • アイロン仕上げ処理はできません
  • ドライクリーニング処理はできません
  • ウエットクリーニング処理はできません