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men's hoodies

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A mesh hoodie with an attractive color variation that shows off its presence.
A hoodie with a fluorescent color that shines against the green and has a presence of the leading role.
The V12 logo is embroidered on the left arm and back, and a silicone patch and waterproof zipper are placed on the chest.
The fabric is suitable for sportswear, and although it is thick, it is lighter than it looks.
It also has excellent cushioning properties, so you don't have to worry about it losing its shape.

Material: 100% polyester


  • 動きやすい伸縮性のある素材を使用。


[ モデル着用サイズ ]
BLACK, PINK 183 cm L size BLUE, YELLOW 181 cm L size


  • 40℃を限度とし、手洗いによる洗濯処理が可能
  • 漂白処理はできません
  • タンブル乾燥はできません
  • つり干し乾燥
  • アイロン仕上げ処理はできません
  • パークロロエチレン及び石油系溶剤での弱いドライクリーニング処理が可能
  • 非常に弱いウエットクリーニング処理が可能